XM14 Low-Recoil Inverted Rifle

The M14 platform does not handle full-auto fire very well partly due to its very high recoil axis. The solution? Turn it upside-down.

The XM-14 is fed through top-mounted 8 round magazines, though standard M14 magazines are available for operators using offset sights. Standard sights are flip-down irons, tall enough to easily clear 8-rounders.

The rifle is equipped with multiple sling mounting points and a section of rail for mounting optics. A left-side mount is in place for offset optics when using longer magazines. Standard accessories include a twin magazine holster for the rifle's stock, which adds an additional sling mount to the platform.

The XM-14 operates in the standard way as the regular M14, simply flipped on its head. Barrels, the bolt, and gas system can be interchanged with a regular M14 rifle.

IM14 Inverted Support Rifle

The IM-14 is the true support variant of the XM-14 Low-Recoil Inverted Rifle. This version is configured to feed through a large left-hanging half-snail drum magazine holding 75 rounds. This firearm is capable of taking IM-14 8 round magazines also.

This variant of the rifle wields a modified front hand-guard, with an integral bipod and improved heat shielding. The barrel is longer and heavier, topped off with an efficient flash suppressor.

Accessories include a recoil-reducing rubber buttpad, and a fixed 4x power telescopic gunsight.

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