The StoryEdit

The Swiss Armed Forces is in a pickle: it has no designated marksman rifle at all, except for the standard SG 550 rifle. The SG uses the small 5.56 NATO cartridge and does not have a special accurized barrel making it barely usable as a long-range weapon. Thus, the Swiss Armed Forces are hosting a tender for several thousand next-gen marksman rifles.


The new battle rifle must:

  • Be chambered in a full-power rifle cartridge. At least one of the options must be the 7.62 NATO round, due to its position as a standard cartridge.
  • The rifle must be optimized for use as a long-range rifle; thus, it needs to be accurate, reliable and have a special long barrel.
  • The weapon must be shorter than 45" and lighter than 5 kg, as it needs to be at least partially capable of defending its operator at close range.
  • A fire selector needs to be present, for the same reason as above.
  • The weapon has to have a full-sized variant with a 20" or longer barrel, as well as a compact variant no longer than 30" in its shortest form that does NOT require reassembly (For example, when the stock is folded) and a 17" or longer barrel.


The contest begins on the 20th of August, 2015. On September the 3rd, voting will start, and continue for 2 weeks until the 17th. If a contending company is unable to enter before the 3rd due to real-life reasons, they should notify the admins in advance. In the not-so-unlikely event of a tie, a 2nd, tiebreaker round will be hosted. This 2nd round, if invoked, will last for 1 week.


  • Winner: VM Rubikon, 3 votes
  • Tiebreaker: Not Invoked
  • Runner-up: Valhalla Arms Company Tombstone

Contending designsEdit

1. Vector Monsters - Rubikon (3 votes)

2. Valhalla Arms Company - Tombstone (2 votes)

3. Clicker Defense/Swiss Arms AG - SC-2015 (0 votes)

4. Phoenix Precision Firearms - Modular Accurized Battle Rifle (1 vote)

5. NS Arms Corporation - ST/PT MataHelang (1 vote)

6. Boston Weapon Industries- Hessian (1 vote)

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