The StoryEdit

The U.S. Armed forces have utilized different variations of the AR-15, such as the widely respected M16, for over half a century. The rifle has aged well, however, the same can't be said for its cartridge, the 5.56x45 NATO. Its limited stopping power and armor penetration have become severe severe issues for NATO soldiers. The U.S. Armed Forces wants a new rifle designed specifically for your replacement round (be warned: this new round must fit into STANAG-pattern magazines for logistics reasons), while other NATO countries unwilling to make such a switch need conversion kits for the new round, so this is the most lucrative contracts ever handed out in a tender.


The new assault rifle must:

  • Be chambered in an intermediate rifle cartridge that fits into STANAG magazines (Base/Rim diameter: 9.6mm, overall length (NOT case length): 57.5mm or less). If you're unfamiliar with designing ammunition, just specify that your rifle uses .300 AAC Blackout.
  • The rifle must have a full-length variant with a 18" to 21" barrel and a stock with a recoil spring as well as a carbine version with a folding stock and a folded length of 28" or less.
  • The full-length weapon must be lighter than the M16 when unloaded.
  • A fire selector needs to be present, after all, that's an assault rifle you're building.
  • The rifle must have rails on all 4 sides of its handguard, and the bottom rail has to be long enough for a grenade launcher. There must also be a rail on the top of the receiver/charging handle.


The contest begins on the 2nd of October. On November the 1st, voting will start, and continue for 3 weeks until the 22nd. If a contending company is unable to enter before the 1st due to real-life reasons, they should notify the admins in advance. In the not-so-unlikely event of a tie, a 2nd, tiebreaker round will be hosted. This 2nd round, if invoked, will last for 1 week.


  • Winner: NS Arms SG-16, 4 votes
  • Tiebreaker: Not Invoked
  • Runner-up: PPF XM-18

Contending designsEdit

1.Valhalla Arms Company - Valkyrie (1 vote)

2.Clicker Defense - C128A1 (1 vote)

3. Phoenix Precision Firearms - XM18 (2 votes)

4. Rickard Firearms & Defense - R-300 (no votes)

5. Vector Monsters - VM Monster Mk. 1 [DISQUALIFIED]

6. NS Arms Corporation - SG-16 (4 votes)

7. Striker Arms Corporation - AR-20 (no votes)

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