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Vector Monsters is an arms plant and a firearm tuning company founded by Kyle Layton. The aim is to develop the best weapons available and refine existing weapons to enhance their efficiency, especially to war against terrorism and personal defense. Kyle formed Vector Monsters in 2015, and has already launched several weapons. VM is also a self-funded arms plant based in the United States. It's marketing office are located in Manhattan, and has developed a dozen of arms plant in the Eastern Seaboard. The main purpose is to level down the the threat level in the world, especially in the Middle-East and the Western hemisphere.

It's ideology is 'killing someone does not show that killing is wrong, but to stop a killer from killing'. Vector Monsters has developed various weaponry and scientific breakthroughs, and peaking it's quality over warfare engineering. They specialize on firearms regarding personal defense, army equipment, and commercial defense, and their military grade weapons are exactly the same as the civilian version. The purpose is to give the people the satisfied feeling of being safe when holding a VM weapon. Each weapon contains an ID number which monitor the weapon. Purchasing a Vector weapon requires a firearm ownership certificate which is government-made and created by Vector Monsters. Mistreating the firearm could result in expensive penalty and various material punishments.

Origins Edit

Vector Monsters was actually made from Layton Rifleworks, company Kyle was inspired with. Layton Rifleworks is a firearm company existing in WW1 to Cold War era, which defunct in the early 1960's. He was aspired to open this business due to the owner's similar surname with Kyle's, John Layton. Conspiracy theories tells that John was actually Kyle's paternal grandfather, a man of Australian descent who went to the State to gather fortune from exploits of war. Kyle's style was also inspired by Layton Riflework's eccentric designs and style. Most of the weapons differ from design of modern firearms of their time.

The ideology which forged the foundation of Vector Monsters dates back to John Layton's era. To manufacture the most bleeding edge firepower and become the face of modern arms, Layton Rifleworks has undergone various tuning works and re-engineering of conventional firearms tasked from multiple militant powers over the Western hemisphere, especially during post WW2 and Cold War Era. Often times, these tuning works are simple, but some are rather extraordinary. Upon the discovery of the first energy-race by Tesla, John had acquired those equations, and began to apply them into conventional weapons. He manufactured many weapoms far more efficient than others of its time, even for an arms race weapon. Due to the limited technologies of his time, John could not produce a weapon to house energy yet, thus the word energy-race remained undiscovered. He did experimented a lot of times in attempt to replicate Tesla's method, but ultimately failed.

Achievements Edit

  • Vector Monsters has won a tender for a SG 550 marksman rifle replacement for the Swiss Army.
  • Vector Monsters has patented a metal, which is extremely durable but light as carbon fiber. it's made from a composite of magnesium and silica, thus the name 'magnelica'. All weapons made by VM are available in both steel and magnelica.
  • Vector Monsters has a government-approved program to train literal super-soldiers with extreme level of lethality.

Products Edit

Vector Monster specializes in inventing cutting edge weaponry, weapon tuning services, and combat utility equipments. All products are patented by Vector Monsters will be personally escorted with a $50 shipping fee and an extra $200 for overseas escorts.

Modified Ammunition Edit

Extensively modified ammunition to perform specific feats.

  • VM-01 (Stealth) : Replaced gunpowder with bio-explosive reagent which increases velocity and doesn't produce smoke. Decreases flash brightness.
  • VM-02 (Piercing) : Osmium tipped and scaled, able to penetrate class 5 armors, tanks, and walls.
  • VM-03 (Incendiary) : Magnesium phosphorus rounds, bursts extremely flammable liquid which instantly ignites with the magnesium.
  • VM-04 (Explosive) : Composite body, implanted with nano explosives. Explodes 1 second upon impact.
  • VM-05 (Tracker) : Has a tracking device inside, extremely sticky and impossible to remove.
  • VM-06 (Cryogenic) : Liquid hydrogen rounds, instantly burst and covers a 4 square meter cone upon impact.
  • VM-07 (Radiation) : Polonium traced and hollow point, creates maximum trauma and radiation poisoning.
  • VM-08 (Shock) : Modified with a generator to release crippling electric shock upon impact.
  • VM-09 (Range) : Rocket propelled bullets. Homing capability and can fly up to 15 km far.

Personal Works Edit

Authentic works of Kyle Layton.

Special Purpose Edit

Extensive military armament research program.

Military Grade Edit

Military-specified armaments.

Brand Grade Edit

Cutting edge military and commercial weapon.

Melee Edit

Close quarter enhancement gears.

Combat Equipment Edit

Modules to enhance the operator's efficiency.

  • WAD : Wrist Attached Display, an interface worn on the wrist, projects various diagnosis of the user's body via holographic display and acts as a long range communication tool. Extremely power efficient, drawing electric energy solely from the kinetic modules which draws power from heartbeat and arm movement.

Armor Edit

Various garments and suits which increase durability.

  • Monster Uniform : Slim-fit attire, made of comfortable fabric and equipped with shock pads on the joints. Coated with a cool thermal paint which prevents body heat to be detected. Base uniform, worn underneath armor.
  • Scout Armor : Carbon fiber plates and weaved synthetic silica, lightweight and grants protection against intermediate calibers, has multiple satchels to enable tactical gear deployment and a built in small pack on the back inventory storage.
  • Power Armor : Full body armor, magnelica plates with interlocking joints and machine-assisted skeleton, capable of blocking .50 BMG calibers, and twice lighter than normal ceramic armors. The machine assistant allows the user to move, run, and act as fast as a normal human with no armor with no increased fatigue.

Patents Edit

  • Magnelica : A synthetic material made from magnesium dust and silica fibers, 48% lighter than typical gun metal. The magnesium dust is first treated then layered with the fibers, after the layering is done, the electrophoresis procedure is then applied to fuse the silica with magnesium. The result is a very tough, but feather-like slab of ore, which can be re-smelt and refined for further use.

Classified Technology Edit

Highly classified information of otherworldly technology.

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