The Valkyrie Warfare Group "Tiger Shark" Tank Destroyer is a tank destroyer designed to support the US Military's M1 Abrams in the event of a total war. Tank divisions issued Tiger Sharks are only to be activated in a major conflict. The Tiger Shark has 50 boron ceramic trauma plates in the interior, slat armor on the turret, 19 reactive armor plates on the left and right side, VWG's "Angel of Mercy" UTPD-S (Urban Tank Projectile Defense System), a 140mm rifled cannon, 25mm suppression cannon, hydro-pneumatic suspension, and a crew of 4.

Crew Survivability and Comfort Edit

The Tiger Shark was built with crew survivability and comfort in mind. The 50 trauma plates on the inside are made up of boron ceramic and a titanium back deformation on the back of each plate. It has hydro-pneumatic suspension for crew comfort. And the slat armor on the turret protects the crew even more.


The UTPD-S and 25mm Cannon Edit

The Urban Tank Projectile Defense System is pretty much a trophy system. It has a defense radius of 20ft., it fires a 75mm laser guided grenade upwards and down towards the rocket or missile. The 25mm cannon is used to take out soft skinned vehicles and infantry to conserve it's main ammo.


Specifications: Edit

- 140mm rifled cannon w/ 50 rounds

- 25mm suppression cannon w/ 300 rounds of HE rounds

- 50 trauma plates lining the interior

- 19 reactive armor plates

- Slat armor


- Top speed: Road: 50mph (80 km per hour) Off-Road: 40mph (64 km per hour)

- Hydro-pneumatic suspension

- Crew: 4

- Fire suppression system inside

Tiger Shark


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