Valhalla Arms Company is an American weapon manufacturing company that was founded in 2011 by Rick B. to supply supply soldiers, police officers, and civilians with high quality,
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VAC Locations Edit

VAC US 1: (Main HQ) Arizona, United States (Hell)

VAC US 2: Vermont, United States

VAC EU 1: (EU Main HQ) Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

VAC EU 2: Warsaw, Poland

Valkyrie Warfare Group Edit

Valkyrie Warfare Group is a branch of Valhalla Arms Company that specializes in creating vehicles, attachments, gear, etc. VWG was founded in 2015 to give top-of-the-line gear and vehicles to those who can pay the money to arm their army or group. VWG does business with the US and it's allies and a few other countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mexico, and Japan.


VWG Locations: Edit

VWG US 1: (Main HQ) San Antonio, Texas.

VWG Manufacturing Plant 1: Cheyenne, Wyoming.

VWG Asia: (Main HQ) Tokyo, Japan

VWG Manufacturing Plant 2: Anchorage, Alaska.

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