"What the Hell is this?" - Jason Canfield VAC Lead Customer Support

The Valhalla Arms Company Warlord is a man portable 13.8x60mm Medium Machine Gun. It boasts a unique loading system and as always has VAC reliability. Its loading system is a chute fed system. It also has a free-float rail. Instead of loading with the magazine directly into the receiver it's instead fed through a chute. In the military market it is competing against the PPF Axiom machine gun. The Warlord is designed to hit hard and instill fear into the enemy.


- 13.8x60mm (13.8 Jäger)

- 20" barrel

- 100 round drum

- Cyclic RoF: 800

- Sustained RoF: 900

- Weight: 12lb. (unloaded) 15lb. (loaded)

- Attachments: Yes

- Penetration: Phenomenal

- Cost of each Warlord: $5,700

- Range: 500m

- Accuracy: Pretty good

Current Operators: Edit

- United States Marine Corps.

- US Army

- German Bundeswehr (Heer)

- British Royal Marines

- A handful of PMC Groups

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