"Release an torrent of righteous hell fire upon your foe's with the War Maiden"

The Valhalla Arms Company War Maiden 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser) machine gun is exactly what it sounds like. The War Maiden is set to either replace the M240B or work with it. A reliable support weapon, the War Maiden can be used as a coaxial gun on tanks or APC's. A weapon on MRAP's and Humvee's. Or just a squad support machine gun.

War Maiden


- Caliber: 7.62x57mm

- Cyclic fire rate at 2-3 second bursts: 870 rpm

- Sustained fire: 760 rpm

- Gas operated, open bolt

- Weight: 25.8 lbs. (11.70kg)

- Length: 44 inches (111.76 cm)

- MSRP: $5,700

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