The Swordbreaker is an all-round good shotgun designed to compete against the RF&D Mini-12, PPF MSASS, and NS Arms SP-1. It uses the 12 gauge shell and is semi-automatic. This is perfect for SWAT teams when breaching a house. This is because of its compact size. It has a metal body and a top rail.


The Swordbreaker (screw off MAG-7)

Credit to the Aussie for his OSS muzzle device

- 12 gauge 10 round box magazines

- Semi-auto

- Rate of Fire: Decent

- Barrel length: 12.5 inches

- Weight: 5.7lbs. (2.58 kg.)

- Range: Poor (But then again, who's gonna play Vasily Zaytsev with this thing?)

- Gas-operated