The VAC Sicario is an integrally suppressed carbine that shoots the .25 Cutlass (6.35x40mm VAC). It has a wire collapsing stock, 8.5" barrel, 10" integrated suppressor, rail system, and is made of machined aluminum. The Sicario is competing in the market right now against the RDI RA-08


- 8.5" barrel + 10" integrated suppressor

- 9.5 lbs.

- Rate of fire: 800rpm

- .25 Cutlass

- Direct Impingement system

- Machined aluminum

- Wire collapsing stock

- Effective range: 250-320 meters

- Penetration: Moderate

Current Operators: Edit

- Polish GROM

- Swedish SOG

- A few Navy SEAL teams

- German KSK

- JTF2

- PMC groups

- Israeli Commando's



Facts Edit

- The word "Sicarii" is Latin for "dagger-man" because the Sicarii were a group of Jewish zealots who used daggers to assassinate Roman soldiers during the Roman occupation of Judea.

- "Sicario" is Hitman in Spanish

- I decided to name it Sicario after I saw the movie "Sicario".

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