The Valhalla Arms Company Praetorian is a 7.62x51mm General Purpose Machine Gun designed to ultimately replace the M240 Bravo's and M60's in military service. It is VAC's 3rd machine gun produced. The Praetorian has 4 variants 2 for infantry carry and 2 for vehicular usage. Originally VAC was going to enter a War Maiden Mk. 2, but instead the Praetorian busted in. Each Praetorian is composed of a lightweight composite alloy making it a lightweight machine gun. As you can see the bullets aren't lined up with the barrel, this is because the bullets are pushed into a little sink inside the receiver. The Praetorians have no feed tray like traditional machine guns, but take a belt-fed drum magazine instead. And EVERY Praetorian is built the same except the H and C models those are built for vehicular tasks.

VAC Praetorian full size

A Praetorian/A (Full size)


This is the full size Praetorian with a fixed stock, longer barrel, and a larger rail system. ( Every Praetorian has the same cyclic and sustained rate of fire. )


- 7.62x51mm NATO

- 150 round drum

- Weight: 15 lbs. unloaded, 18 lbs. loaded.

- Length: 43 inches

- Quad rail

Barrel length: 20 inches

Sustained rate of fire: 870 rpm, cyclic rate of fire: 925 rpm


Praetorian/P (Para)

Same thing albeit that it is shorter with a MagPul UBR stock on it and shorter barrel.

VAC Praetorian Para

The Praetorian/P (para)

- 7.62x51mm NATO

- Length: 34 inches

- Weight: 13 lbs. unloaded 16.5 lbs. unloaded.

Barrel length: 15 inches

Can replace the UBR Stock


Praetorian/H and C

The H Variant is designed for being mounted on a helicopter's side door. It has a raised side-rail for optics. One thing you might've noticed is it's barrel shroud used for continuous fire made by rapid cooling. Both the H and C are the same design.


The Praetorian/H or Praetorian Helicopter Mounted

- 7.62x51mm NATO

- Length: 37 inches

- Weight: 30 lbs ( includes heli mount and the large amount of ammo )

- Barrel length: 20 inches


The Praetorian/C or Praetorian Coaxial