"Don't hunt the monster, become the monster."

The integrally suppressed sniper rifle that has been in development for 6 months has finally arrived...early. The Nightstalker fires a completely different round developed by VAC. It is integrally suppressed and fires the 7.87x66mm HVMI (High Velocity Medium Impact) round. Ballistic testing has shown that is has the speed of a 7.62x51mm and the impact of a .300 Blackout. The Nightstalker is made up of polymer upper and lower receiver making it a lightweight sniper rifle. One highly trained sniper in an urban environment can hold off an entire battalion with this rifle, because of the ability to move around quickly and have the psychological effect on the enemy giving them the inevitability that the soldier or his friend might be the next one to drop AND the sniper's position being hidden because of the suppressor and anti-glare Seeker-10 scope.


The Nightstalker

Nightstalker magazine

The magazine to the Nightstalker

Bullet comparison

From left to right: 7.87x66 HVMI, 7.62x54mmR, 7.62x51mm, 5.56x45mm NATO


Cartridge: 7.87x66 HVMI

Decible Output: 150dB

Magazine size: 10

Weight: 10lbs

Barrel length: 30 inches

Gas operated, rotating bolt

Modifications shown: Valhalla Warfare Group Seeker-10 10x zoom scope

integrated suppressor

No rail system at all. The scope fits on by a QD Clamp (Quick Detach)

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