Unforgiving. Quiet. Deadly

Back in 2011 VAC unveiled the ISSR-51 or Integrally Suppressed Scout Rifle-7.62x51mm. Due to it's popularity in the civilian and military world, VAC created the ISSR-51 Mk.2. The ISSR-51 Mk. 2 looks different than it's predecessor. It's a direct impingement gas operated marksman rifle. And has an integrated suppressor. And it's sill reliable like the ISSR-51.

Nostalgia as a weapon of war

The first ISSR-51


- Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO

- Decible Output: 150dB (Average) w/out subsonic ammunition. Sub sonic 130dB

ISSR-51 Mk

The ISSR-51 Mk.2

Effective range: 300m w/out sub sonics. 250m with sub sonic.

-Weight: 7.5 pounds

Length: 40 inches

Direct impingement, gas operated

Polymer lower and upper receiver

MSRP: $3000

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