The Hellwolf is a special anti-tank weapon. It's main reason it stands out is because of it's pre-detonation munitions that soften enemy armor before impact. That is it's Brimstone Wolfpack munitions. Details will be explained in the rocket portion of the page. It's ordinance package is a rocket pod in the front that can be detached once fired, but the pod cannot be reloaded. To reload the Hellwolf you just insert a new pod. The Hellwolf ATS was designed to combat the Russian T-14 Armata, T-90 series, T-72's, etc. And it looks hella cool.



- 110mm non-guided rocket

- Hard launch

- Backblast: 4-6m

- 34 lbs.

- 4ft. long

- Carry handle on the top is used for removal.


Hellwolf pod

The pod.


The rocket itself.

The Hellwolf uses a detachable rocket pod which houses the 110mm rocket.


- Explosive capability: Equivalent to a Kornet or TOW missile.

- Armor piercing tip


This is what makes this weapon special. Once the target has been lased and fired fins pop out 50 meters before the warhead strikes. Before it strikes however micro-munitions shoot out of ports directly at the target softening armor allowing the armor-piercing tip to penetrate and explode inside the tank. Scary. Gets the job done quite effectively.

So close to death!

50m before impact! (Forgot to make a picture with micro-munitions launched)


Brimstone and Eternal Damnation

A blown up photo of the munition itself.

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