The Valhalla Arms Company Dire Wolf is a remake to the popular VAC WolfBlade. It is a .300 Blackout integrally suppressed carbine. It has a fixed stock, left-side charging handle, and takes STANAG magazines. In 2017 one of our warehouses where 90% of our WolfBlades were burned down. The only WolfBlade's out there are either in SF groups or in civilian hands. So we decided to remake it, but better.

Specifications: Edit

- .300 Blackout

- Direct Impingement Gas Operated

- STANAG magazine compatible

- Decible Output: (Average) 130dB

- Maximum Effective Range: 300m

- Rate of Fire: 770

- 11.5" barrel

- Weighs 7.5lb.

- Fixed iron sights

- Fixed stock

MSRP: $1,780 (Plus all the NFA stuff you go through just to own one)

- Integral suppressor

Current Operators: Edit


- Polish GROM

- German KSK

- Israeli Defense Force/ Commandoes

Competitors: Edit

- Ramos Defense Industries RA-10

Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf II
The OG

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