The VAC Diamondback pistol was created in response to a US Military competition to replace the old Beretta M9. It is chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm depending on which one the user prefers. The Diamondback has two variants the normal Diamondback which features the normal night sights and a lower rail section or there's the Diamondback SFH or Special Forces Handgun. Both Diamondbacks have night sights or if the user wants they can have blacked out sights, a 15 round magazine, and a lower rail section. On the Diamondback SFH it features a small upper rail section in front of the rear sight if the user wants to outfit the pistol with a mini red dot sight or RMR and a longer barrel that's threaded to accompany a suppressor.

Diamondback specs:

- 5 inch barrel

Myweapon (3)-2

A stock Diamondback

- 15 rounds of either .45 or 9mm

- Lower rail section

- Night sights or blacked out sights or single dot

- Ammo: .45 ACP or 9mm

- 28 ounces

- Striker fire pistol

Myweapon (8)-0

A Diamondback SFH with a Trijicon RMR and a tac light underneath

Diamondback SFH specs:

- 7 inch barrel

- 33 ounces

- 15 rounds of .45 or 9mm

- Lower and upper rail section to accommodate a light (lower) or mini red dot (upper)

- Ammo: .45 ACP or 9mm

- Can accommodate a suppressor

- Night sights or blacked out sights or single dot

- Striker fire pistol

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