The Death Watch is VAC's third ever anti-material rifle. It fires the heavy hitting Mk. 3440 13.8x103mm, the same thing the HAMR's spit. Some of the employees at VAC call this thing the HAMR Mk. 3, but hey it's okay because both names are cool. It is made of high-grade alloy's, weighs 25 lbs., has an effective range of 2000m, and looks awesome.


Specifications Edit

- Cartridge: Mk. 3440 13.8x103mm

- Weight: 25 lbs. (400 ounces)

- Barrel length: 24 inches (60.96 centimeters)

- Magazine capacity: 5 rounds

- Left-side charging handle

- Gas-operating direct impingement

- Max. Effective Range: 2000m
Death Watch

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