The Custom Works is a department in VAC that create customized versions of existing firearms to replace old and outdated versions in police units and other organizations.

Typhon Edit

The Typhon is an MP5 with a rail system and built out of higher grade materials for much better quality and functionality. The Typhon has already replaced old MP5's in the GIGN, multiple SWAT teams, and Mexican Federal Police.




- SWAT Teams

- Policia Federal

MSRP: $2,550


Longbow UDSR Edit

The Longbow Updated Dragunov Sniper Rifle is basically the SVD, but is made of much higher quality parts and the handguard accepts KeyMod accessories. It sees service by DoomWrath and by many civilians who are preparing for a revolution :/


The Longbow

MSRP: $3,780


UDSR and SVD comparison


Raptor Edit

The Raptor is an upgraded AKS-74U with an ambidextrous safety, .45 ACP variant (oh mah gawh), made out of something other than stamped metal, and the 7.62x39 version has a different charging handle. Did I mention that it has a rail system as well?

Aww sheiit its the

The .45 variant

MSRP: $2,300


The normal AK variant


Ranger Edit


Work in progress.



- Conquistador (Bullpup AK74) I'll try...

- Paladin (AKS-74U)

- Ranger (AK .308)

- Rogue (AK47)

- Stag (M14)

- Nomad (ACR)

- Oni (AK74)

- Trident (G36)

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