The Trijet TOM, as the name suggests is a Trijet, and the most recent of its kind. It has been designed as a passenger airplane. It has design cues from the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and the MD-11 Trijets. It is a double decker airplane as well as being wide-body. The prototype was a much smaller airplane while the final product was a large airplane, comparable to the DC-10, it holds up to 384 passengers, has a glass cockpit, as well as being flown with a fly by wire system, 4 seats are in each row, which means 48 times 4 equals 192 times 2 equals 384, meaning 384 passengers can be on the plane. It was created by Clicker Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidary of Clicker Defense. 1000 orders have been placed for this aircraft, most by international airlines. The cargo may look small, but the walkway is narrow for the cargo (as in height, not width) but not too narrow like it's about to collapse itself like American Airlines Flight 96, which used a DC-10. The Trijet TOM-100 is a stretched and further improved version which can hold up to 612 passengers.

Trijet TOM Edit



Trijet with logo

Prototype in Delta Livery, yes I made the livery in picmonkey. I'm looking at you DoomWrath!

Trijet TOM Final

Final Product. A giant jet, but not as big as the 747 due to the limited space of Pimp my gun.

Trijet TOM-100

With criticism from the CEO of PPF, a rival of Clicker Defense, Clicker Aerospace decides to give the much needed facelift for the Trijet TOM, tis is the Trijet TOM-100

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