A Thompson urban warfare or TUW for short.

The Thompson urban warfare or TUW is a 9mm world war 2 smg.Unlike its WW2 counterpart TUW replaces the wooden parts for modern polymer parts,ACOG scope,M203 grenade launcher,a sturdy foregrip,20 round FMJ magazine,attacthment rails,a flashlight,flip up irom sights.and a lazer pointer.Very good at taking out targets at close to medium range ,but can be used to engage targets at longer ranges with semi-auto fire.Can be used to take out heavily fortified enemy positions with its grenade launcher.The ACOG and the lazer pointer make a good combination for engaging further targets.Rails are located on each side of the weapon for further weapon customization.lacking nightvision?Well you can always fall back to the trusty tactical flashlight located ontop of the M203.If you want to engage with iron sights simply take off the ACOG and flip up th front iron sight.