The Street Cleaner is a firearm created by the Blaine and Impala (B&I), which is very notorious for how ridiculous it is. The weapon starts off similar to the Mossberg 500 , but attachments were added to make the gun as powerful as possible. These attachments include: A new stock, a new barrel, a new hand grip, a new receiver, and a new sight and grip. A pistol grip was planned to be added, but it prooved to be a safety hazard, as the grip would fling off if fired. It fires a standard 12 gauge shot, however, extra pellets were added, giving this shotgun more spread, which is how it got it's name. The weapon is also fit to have a magazine where the shotgun shells would typically be loaded into; these load assault rifle bullets, effectively making the Street Cleaner a hybrid between an assault rifle and a shotgun. Quanities are limited and the price of such a firearm can be over a thousand dollars. This is so far the only gun made by B&I. However they are planning on making a Street Cleaner V.2.