The TLP-20 or Tactical Law enforcement Pistol-20 is the gun you want when you go into downtown Phoenix. It fires a 7.62x20mm kind of like the Tokarev TT-33's 7.62x25mm Tokarev.

This gun is great for CCW, stopping Parisian terrorists, or just plain old home defense or carry. This was designed in 2014 because we at VAC thought "Hey let's make a handgun!" Because we've made a missile launcher for orbital threats and a couple rifles. So here you go we've made a pistol with a 6 inch barrel shoots a 7.62x20mm and doesn't suck. It is a striker fire handgun not double action to keep up with modern times.


-MSRP: $950

-Needs to be lubricated after about 1000 rounds ( Buy our brand of lubrication Liberal Tears: Lubricate your gun the RIGHT way $7 a bottle )

-Effective range: Same range as an FN Five seveN

Myweapon (4)-0

NOTE: Unfortunately, does not comply with California gun laws so yeah you can't own one in Cali BUT we do have a line of California legal guns coming in the near future so in the mean time move to Arizona or Vermont or Slovenia we're big there.

-Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

-Cartridge: 7.62x20mm

Used by Law Enforcement all over the US. Issued to the US Border Patrol. Issued to US Navy and Air Force pilots. Used by GIGN, GSG-9 and FSB.

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