This list was inspired by SimilngWolf. I have not fired many of these weapons, I am taking the info from other sources.

KRISS Vector Edit

Zombie-Slaying Vector

The KRISS Vector

Using a unique mechanism to reduce recoil to almost nothing, the Vector has three options on the selector: safe, semi, or automatic.The Vector I chose has a tan finish, a foregrip, an integrated laser, and a suppressor.


Common AmmoEdit

-The Vector fires the common .45 ACP round, and ammo can be shared with various other firearms.


-The vector has an upper and lower rail to mount attachments, as shown above.

Light & Compact

-This SMG is pretty light, so it is easy to lug around. It's also pretty small, at 24.3 inches(620mm), just over 2 feet (620mm) with the stock unfolded.



-You aren't likely to find this gun unless you live near the KRISS USA plant, or are some Special Ops guy.

High ROF (Rate of Fire)Edit

-Some may think this is a good thing,but it makes you want to "spray-n-pray". This wastes ammo in its 30-round mag.

Uncommon MagazinesEdit

-Just as the Vector is rare, its mags aren't so common.


Some may prefer their heavy .50 cal Desert Eagles, but I prefer the tough,


The standard P226

reliable P226. It features a lower rail,external safety,and the ability to drop the mag and still fire. It comes in 3 factory calibers: 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG.


Common AmmoEdit

-The 9x19 Parabellum round is very common, and can be found nearly everywhere.

High CapacityEdit

-It can hold from 10 to 20 rounds, very good when there are large groups of undead or bandits attacking.


-This gun can be dipped in mud, put in the freezer, and can still fire. Impressive, right? This kind of reliability is good when you are in tough conditions


Short RangeEdit

-A problem most pistols have. If you want to take something hostile down,best do it at range.

Requires Learning

-You need a certain stance to fire a pistol, or you will hurt yourself or someone around you.

To be updated!Edit

Stainless SIG P226

SIG P226 with laser and silencer.


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