Sharpshooter SAREdit

Sub assault rifle is a carbine that hold a smaller cartridge than a standard rifle. 5.7x28mm could be one,  a new 5.56x35mm cartridge also has been developed. 

Compare to standard rifles, SAR has a slightly shorter barrel and usually equiped with a foldable butt. It has a average effective range of 300 m. 

Although SAR is not as powerful as standard rifles, its high fire rate, low recoil and high muzzle velocity make it much more effective than rifles at close range.

SAR M1Edit

Cartridge: 5.56x35mm



Range: 300m

Length with stock: 680mm / lenth with folded stock: 600mm

Barrel legth: 330mm

Weight: 2.4kg

Clip size: 40+1R

Firing mode: 3 shot burst, semi auto, fully auto

Fire rate: 900-1000 rpm 

SAR is designed with the concept of flexibility. It is very light, easy to take apart and release heat. 5.56x35mm cartridge, heavy barrel, suppressor and stock design also grately reduced its recoil.

It has a very high fire rate. In close combat, high fire rate is very important. The charging handle is designed like a pump action shotgun in order to reduce the time of loading.

To ensure the flexibility, no other attachments are used on SAR apart from the sight and fore grip.

SAR M2 Elite Edit

(In production)

Designed by Richard X

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