The M-50

The Sub Assault Rifle is a weapon slightly smaller than your average Carbine, that fires an ammunition that is hybridized with either the length and width of the Assault Rifle or Submachine Gun's ammunition; in turn making it a whole new weapon.


The very first Sub Assault Rifle ever designed was the M-50; a Sub Assault Rifle with pin point accuracy and the manuverability of the P90 Submachine Gun. This weapon also uses a new and improved ammunition; the 5.56x19mm NATO (A hybrid between the M-16's 5.56x45mm NATO and the MP40's 9x19mm Parabellum) and it is just as powerful. The weapon also utilizes a secondary select system, which instead of switching fire modes,It switches between the either activation or deactivation of the barrel's built in suppressor.

After The M-50Edit

The M-50 paved the way for a new form of Assault Rifle,Sooner or later, the German MG-52 came out and soon after; the British ML-101 was born.

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