The Standard Infantry Rifle, known colloquially as the SIR, is the go to battle rifle for Imperial Fleet Forces Regiment. Chambered in 7.62 DEP-UR, it has served Imperial troopers through the 100 years long Aldaris Uprisings, the extra galactic threat of the Coirus Consortium, and the modern day peace keeping missions on Tantiv 6. I.F.F.R has no current plans to replace the SIR as of the time of this writing.


The SIR is manufactured galaxy wide in Imperial Munitorium Facilties. Composed of carbon-fiber and synthplas, it's lightweight and durable. Chambered in the hard-hitting 7.62 DEP-UR (Depleted Uranium), it fires 180 rounds per minute, or 3 rounds per trigger squeeze from a 90 round drum magazine.

Weapon DesignEdit

Capture 169 (Standard Infantry Rifle) -SIR-

A mil-spec SIR. outfitted with a red dot sight. Standard 90-round drum magazine. Note the DEP-UR ammunition.

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