I've seen alot of these apocalypse arsenals around the wiki, so I thought I'd just post how my AR15 and AK would be set up for an apocalypse.

AR15 Edit

I'm gonna go over the specifics and some of the stuff I would have aren't on the wiki like the B.E Meyers flash hider.

Lower receiver: LMT


Upper receiver: BCM mid-length upper.

Grip: Tango Down BG16

Stock: Magpul UBR

BUIS: Troy Battlesights

Bolt carrier group: BCM

Light: SureFire X300 Ultra

Optic: AimPoint T1 Micro Red dot

Magpul AFG

B.E. Meyers flash hider

Trigger group: Geissle SSA trigger

Charging handle: AXTS Raptor ambidextrous charging handle

Rail system: DD Omega 12

AK Edit

Same with the AR.

AK m8

Model: Century Arms C39 v2

Stock: Magpul CTR

Optic: EoTech XPS3

Magpul AFG

U.S. PALM Ak mags

Trigger group: Brownells

Internals are kept the same except the trigger group.

And that's pretty much the set up's I'd have for my AR and AK in the apocalypse

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