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Smith and Gordon firearms 2

  In 2013 Assassin Weapon Systems International went bankrupt. Chandler Gordon rejoined Korinth Weapon Systems International and they formed a Subsidiary Company called Smith And Gordon Firearms. Based in the United States they accept contracts from both Public and Private interests alike.


S&G 14

S&G 14 C-18a lowland

S&G .45 new

S&G .45

The S&G 14 is a license built copy of the M14 Available to both civilian and military groups.

The S&G .45 is a .45 ACP pistol designed for military and civilians alike.

S&G 12 LR

S&G 12 LR

S&G 12

S&G 12

S&G 13 LR

S&G 12 LR

S&G 13 MR

S&G 12 MR

S&G 13 SR

S&G 13 SR

S&G 15

S&G 15

The S&G 12 LR (Long Rifle) is a 5.56mm rifle designed for civilians snd Law Enforcement.

The S&G 12 is a weapon designed for law enforcement for use as a carbine.

The S&G 12 is a series of weapons desgined for military, law enforcement and civilians.

The S&G 15 is a bolt action .338 Lapua rifle.

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