The Sledgehammer MBR is a 7.62x51mm battle rifle meant to be changed into a bullpup and back without need for a gunsmith, all you need to do is put the parts in a readily available body, and you're good to go. MBR Stands for Modular Battle Rifle. Various trade-offs happen when switching configurations. The bullpup design means you can have a longer barrel, which means more power, and more maneuverability, but a lack of stock options and longer reload times until you learn to reload behind your strong hand. Also, left-handed shooting becomes difficult, as the ejecting shells are quite near your face.

Sledgehammer LR

Standard configuration for the Sledgehammer MBR, designated Sledgehammer LR.

Sledgehammer BP

Sledgehammer MAR in bullpup configuration, designated Sledgehammer BP.

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