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Scotts International (SI) is a company that was founded by Ethan Scotts on April 22, 2016 who was formerly the owner of Accurafire Manufacturing Co. It has many subsidiaries that are responsible for different things. It was made in an effort to expand on Ethan's company.

SI info Edit

CEO: Ethan Scotts

Research Department Director: William Johns Director of Advertising: Harold Woodson

Director of Manufacturing: Ronnie Lincoln

Director of Information Department/Customer Service: Jackson Gold

Branch Descriptions Edit

Head Branches Edit

Research Department: Self-Explanatory.

Advertising Department: Also Self-Explanatory.

Manufacturing Department: Improves and changes ways of manufacture if needed.

Information Department: Gives customers info. Also fused with customer service.

Customer Service: That's self-explanatory as well.

SI Main Locations Edit

NOTE: Services from subsidiaries are available at these locations as well.

US: Pheonix, Arizona (HQ)

US: Dallas, Texas

Mexico: Mexico City

Canada: Toronto, Ontario

Russia: St. Petersburg

Germany: Hamburg, Hamburg

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SITech Edit

SITech is a subsidiary of SI that designs and manufactures electronic devices with unbelievable abilities.

HoloSmart Edit

Holosmart is a holographic screen projector that is currently in development by SITech. It connects to a device that it is compatible with (PCs with Windows 7 and later, Mac OSX Mavericks and later, Apple iPhone 6 models) and projects the device's screen on the wall, where it turns into a holographic touchscreen.

Accurafire Manufacturing Co. Edit


"Accuracy. Firepower. Perfected Every Time."

Accurafire Manufacturing Co. is a gun manufacturing company that designs it's firearms with two things in mind: Accuracy and Firepower. They started out in 2014 making custom AR15 parts and modified rounds, but they now make their own firearms. They also manufacture AR-15 parts for the U.S. Armed Forces. Right now, they are not completely focusing on making new weapons systems but are doing major research on recoil compensation systems.


The logo.

Info Edit


Director of Materials Research (Research Dep't): Joe McDonald

Director of Factory Department (Manufacturing): Trey Klicker

Accurafire - New weapons Edit


-M54 PDW

-Relby Shotgun

Guaranteed Victory Series Edit



-GVMG Series

Scout Series Edit

- "Jackal" Battle Rifle

- "Killhound" Battle Rifle

- "Hammerhead" Underwater Rifle

- "Foxhound" Sniper Rifle

- "Joker" Carbine

- "Dragonfighter" Light Machine Gun

- "Sunfreezer" Submachine Gun


ARSE Recoil Spring (Anti-Recoil Spring Enhanced) - It is in most of the newer Accurafire weapons.

Controversy Edit

On Wednesday, December 26, 2016, Accurafire made an edit to their website, with a section on their home page telling owners of their weapons how to convert the civilian semi-autos to full auto (while also saying by them doing this that Accurafire is not responsible for any consequences that the operator might experience while/after doing this). This caught the attention of gun control activists, who threatened to sue. The activists say that it will make the converted weapon into a more lethal weapon, and that everyone will know how to do it. Accurafire argues that, first of all, there are many other websites/videos which can tell people how the convert their semiautos, and that,

"We don't give a shit about your feelings. We give a shit about our rights." - Bobby Spriggs, Accurafire Executive.

my dudes Edit

It is rumored that Accurafire is testing GVR Mk. II prototypes. We can only hope.

HeavyFire Edit

HeavyFire is a sub-company of Accurafire Manufacturing Co. It's job is to design, manufacture, and distribute armored vehicles such as tanks and Humvee-like vehicles, as well as air attack vehicles such as attack helicopters and fighter jets, plus weapons for them. Currently, the only bullet-firing weapon that HeavyFire created is the M280.





-Coming Soon
HeavyFire Logo

HeavyFire logo.

HeavyFire Branches Edit

HeavyArmored: Armored Vehicle Branch

AirFire: Air vehicles branch


"Disabler" LCAB (WIP)

Scotts' Security Services Edit

Private police force established in early 2016. Often occupy tourist attractions in the US.


-Glock 17 Gen 4

-Glock 23

-Walther P99

-Walther PPK

-Colt Detective Special

-Mateba Autorevolver

-Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

-Mini Spectre


-Spectre M4





-M4A1 Carbine w/ folding stock adapter

-M21 DMR

-SR-25 DMR

-SG 550

-TAR-21 DMR conversion (long accurized barrel, bipod, ACOG sight)

-L115A3 Sniper Rifle


-Robinson R66 Helicopter

-Armored Ford F-750 w/ Ford Modular V10

-Humvee w/ SCTV kit

Events: Edit

  • In mid-2016, at Disney World in Florida, a man named Jason Ford pulled out his Vz. 61 Skorpion out from his jacket, and opened fire, killing 3 people and injuring 3 more. A nearby SSS agent pulled out his Glock, and shot the man in the leg. He dropped his Skorpion and fell to the ground. He was quickly hospitalized.
  • In mid-2016, a man affiliated with ISIS shot his RPG at one of SSS' Robinson R66 helicopters. A professional sniper in the helicopter, named Ivan Phillips, shot the man in the head with his L115A3 sniper rifle, killing him. The terrorist's name was never revealed.

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