SSF (Stealth System Factories) is a company that specializes in creating weapons perfect for stealthy spec ops missions like sneaking behind enemy frontlines. Here is the list of SSF's creations:


DFG-2000 is a semi automatic sniper rifle that uses special, custom .5000 Death Whisper ammo. It has a 10 round mag and a x8 scope.



LKR is a compact heavy machine gun. There are two variants. Automatic variant and burst variant. Automatic variant is however highly unaccurate. Just like most of SSF's


weapons it uses .5000 Death Whisper ammo. Its mag holds 200 rounds.


MPW-85 is a submachine gun that fires incredibly fast but its mag holds 50 rounds in a tape hidden inside a mag. It has a built in supressor and it uses .45 ACP bullets.


RMM 90Edit

RMM 90 is a demolitions weapon used mainly to take out tanks, helicopters, and planes. It's using .666 Devils Flame ammo. You put one Devils Flame grenade in the barrel and pull the trigger. The grenade propels like a rocket and after impact, it explodes and splits into four smaller incidienary grenades.
RMM 900

RMM 90


TL-99 is a bolt action sniper rifle that uses .99 Quiet Extermination bullet. It is much weaker than DFG-2000 however it is much more accurate than DFG-2000. It is manufactured mainly for SWAT snipers so they can be sure they won't miss. It has a 6 round mag and its on of really few weapons made by SSF that uses .99 Quiet Extermination ammo.



R50 is mainly a hunting rifle but can be used as a survival rifle and covert ops SMG. It has a 30 round magazine that holds .99 Quiet Extermination ammo. It has a selective fire option. There are three options: semi auto (mainly for hunting) burst fire and automatic (mainly for survival purposes and covert ops).



PDS-6, just like R50, is mainly a hunting rifle but can be used as a survival rifle or a covert ops assault rifle, however it only fires burst. Its using .5000 Death Whisper ammo. Its mag holds 20 rounds. Its perfect for hiding in the bushes in the night because it has a built-in thermal sight.


Custom AmmoEdit

Here you can see all the custom ammo manufactured by SSF. Here is a full list of ammo:

.666 Devils FlameEdit

.666 Devils Flame is a special type of rocket propeled grenade used by RMM 90. After impact it explodes into four small incideniary grenades that burst into hellish flames.
.666 Devils Flame ammo

.666 Devils Flame ammo

.99 Quiet ExterminationEdit

This type of ammo is produced so it makes no sound without silencer. Its younger and weaker brother of .5000 Death Whisper.

.99 Quiet Extermination

.5000 Death WhisperEdit

Its older, tougher brother of .99 Quiet Extermination. Just like its younger brother it produces no sound at all without silencer.

.5000 Death Whisper

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