Description Edit

SA Hitscan

The Hitscan. Note the coolant tank.

The Hitscan is a new anti-materiel rifle developed by Striker Armaments. It has the capability to strike down fast moving targets due to the custom .36 saHS hypersonic round used by it. Its technical specifications are given below:

Weight: 9 kg (unloaded)

Barrel length: 750 mm

Length: 1050 mm

Caliber: .36 saHS hypersonic round

Capacity: 10 rounds

Recoil: Rather jarring.

Accuracy: Very high.

Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.

Operation: Gas operated, direct impingement.

Muzzle velocity: 6000 ft/sec

Effective range: 2500 yards

Ammunition Edit

.50 Cal vs .36 saHS

A comparison of the .50 Cal and .36 saHS caliber rounds.

The new .36 saHS round has been specifically designed for the Hitscan. As seen in the comparison, the .36 has a greater body width than the .50 so that more gunpowder can be packed into the rear compartment for greater power when exiting the barrel. Also, it has a tungsten carbide tip (painted over in picture)and a depleted uranium core. As a result, it has the ability to rip through heavy armor. One major disadvantage is that it generates a huge amount of heat while exiting the gun, causing quick overheats. To counter this, a coolant tank has been mounted on the gun, close to the barrel, to aid faster cooldowns.

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