Description Edit


The Experimental Pulse Rifle.

The EPR is an (mostly) electrically operated gun. The EPR, besides the hammer, also contains very strong electromagnets inside the barrel, which are triggered sequentially in order to speed up the projectile greatly, making use of the diamagnetic properties of lead. The hammer and the electromagnets are controlled by an AC power source and an analog circuit, both of which are housed behind the hammer. A small alternator is attached to the barrel motors, utilizing the active magnetic fields and the motors' own mechanical energy to recharge the power source dynamically. The electric component housing and the electromagnets are both coated with a highly heat-resistant material. The AC pulse is operated at a high frequency. This combination allows it to achieve a high rate of fire with high muzzle velocities as well. There are triple barrels, which are motorized and rotate, in order to increase hit probability at longer ranges. Kinetic shock pads are also integrated into the stock for user safety. The technical specifications of the gun are as follows:

Weight: 6.8 kg

Length: 1.25 m

Barrel length(each barrel): 550 mm

Caliber and magazine: Drum magazine; available in 9mm Parabellum and 5.56 NATO

Capacity: 120 rounds (5.56); 180 rounds (9mm)

Rate of fire: 3000 rpm

Muzzle velocity: 4.5 km/s

Operation: Electrically operated.

Effective range: 800 m (point); 1800 m (area)

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