Description Edit


The Ekrignýon standalone HE grenade.

The Ekrignýon is SA's first standalone explosive grenade. It works on HE principles rather than fragmentation principles. Its body is composed of a sufficiently strong zinc alloy, which is chemically inert, and is still weak enough to allow at least 92% of the blast force to penetrate the covering. Its explosive composition consists of 60% RDX, 20% water, 2% C4 and 18% other things(binder, antioxidant, plasticizer, catalyst, etc.). Each is stored in a seperate compartment, and allowed to mix when the 3-second (approx) long fuse ends. The safety button is a small button which has to be pushed in completely before the pin can be pulled. The system has rarely ever failed.

Effective radius: 8 m (major), 12 m (minor)

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