The S-1 Zeus is a prototype military transport aircraft that was made in 2015 by Stark & Company, an aerospace subsidiary wholly owned by Rickard Firearms & Defense until 2016.
S-1 Zeus

The Zeus.

History Edit

The S-1 Zeus's design was first imagined in 2002 by David Stark, an employee at aerospace company Lockheed Martin. He told about his new design to the company, but LM instead told him that they were not interested whatsoever, and a brief but intense argument followed. After this, he decided to break apart from LM, and start his own company, which was founded in 2003 as Stark & Company. He immediately got to work on his new transport aircraft, and about three months later, the finalized design was shown to the public, but this is where the S-1's development was starting to be worrying; nobody expressed interest in the design. Despite this, Stark tried to be optimistic and continue the design. After 11 years, Stark reached the end of his money limit to continue developing the S-1, and so he decided to sell his design. He contacted Rickard Firearms & Defense, and asked them if they were interested in the S-1. After an examination of the unfinished prototype in its hangar near Tuscon, Arizona, RF&D agreed to purchase the design. Development then continued under RF&D's management, and the prototype was completed in 2015, and it was shown to the public - only to find that nobody showed interest in it. After about a year of no one willing to purchase the S-1; or even the S-1's design, RF&D decided to pull the plug on S&C in order to stop wasting money on them. Now, it remains in it's hangar near Tuscon International Airport and the aircraft graveyard in Tuscon Arizona.

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