"We always hit the target."

-Motto of RF&D

Rickard Firearms & Defense Logo

Official logo of RF&D, showing a target.

History Edit

Rickard Firearms & Defense is an American firearms manufacturer and was founded in 2005 by three people; Brian Stout, a gun enthusiast and designer from Yokosuka, Japan, Troy Rickard, a gunner in the U.S. Army from Peoria, Illinois, and Michael Walker, a former ArmaLite employee from Geneseo, Illinois. During Troy's deployment in Iraq, he did not like his M240B due to it being rather unfriendly, Michael did not like working for ArmaLite, as he thought the designs were too old-fashioned, and Brian had a craving for guns and made blueprints for several weapons. When Troy returned home after being discharged from the Army in 2004, he met Michael Walker, and the two later met Brian, and they designed and built the M260 machine gun. They sent the design to the U.S. Armed Forces, and was contacted that the U.S. would adopt it if it won in the M240 replacement competiton (which it didn't, but it was adopted by other FN MAG users) After completing and putting into production several other designs both for civilian and military use, they expanded their company into one of the most notable defense companies over the last century.

Despite RF&D is a relatively new company, its roots can go as far back as 1930, however, when Stanley Rickard, Troy's great-grandfather came up with several weapon designs at the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. After a dispute against the Armory, he split off and formed his own armory (Rickard Armory), and created three weapons:

Today, RF&D is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, and has its manufacturing plant at Joliet, Illinois, next to the former Joliet Arsenal / Ammunition Plant. Troy and Brian serve as the lead designers for new weapons, while Michael is the president of both RF&D itself and a corporation called Rickard-Colmans Corporation (which is comprised of RF&D itself (obviously), Mayfield Heavy Industries, and Colmans Arms N.V.).

Products Edit

Rifles Edit

RC-523: Since 2010

Model 2010 "Vulcan": Since 2013

Model 2011 Revolver Rifle: Since 2013

Model 2012 LPR: Since 2014

Model 2013 "Wildcat": Since 2016

Machine guns Edit

M260 machine gun: Since 2009

Pistols Edit

P11 pistol: Since 2013

Shotguns Edit

Model 2015 TPS: Since 2018

Submachine guns / Personal defense weapons Edit

Spectre SMG: Since 2012

Compact Defense Weapon: Since 2019

Knives Edit

"Punisher" Ballistic Knife: Since 2016

Subsidiaries: Edit

Mayfield Heavy Industries Edit

MHI is a heavy weapons company that was founded in 2008 by Jim Mayfield, a 62-year-old engineer from Dayton, Ohio. When first launched, his sole purpose of the company was to develop the M120 MacArthur, a main battle tank, but after suffering a near fatal heart attack and now worried about his health conditions, he sold his company to Michael Walker, the president of RF&D. After RF&D's purchase, they resumed development of the MBT, but also made several heavy weapons. Products include:

Stark & Company Edit

S&C was an aerospace company that was founded in 2003 by David Stark. From the company's founding until 2014, he designed and built the S-1 Zeus, a large cargo transporter. In 2014, due to insufficient funds for the project, he contacted RF&D and asked if they were interested in purchasing the prototype design. They agreed, purchased the design, and then finished it. However, due to nobody's willingness to purchase the S-1, S&C faltered, and the only existing design was left to sit in a hangar near the aircraft graveyard in Tuscon, Arizona, the site of S&C's (now former) headquarters.

Colmans Arms N.V. Edit

See Colmans Arms N.V.

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