Rabbot Armament Company


Arma Omnibus (Latin, lt. translates to "Arms for All")


Rabbot Miniga




Due to a loss of copyright, the company currently does not have a logo.

The Rabbot Armament Company, also known as the RAC, is a for-profit organization with the goal in mind to arm people who need arming.

Formed on the third of August, the company had two guns, several attachments for one of them, and a custom cartridge already designed and ready to launch by the time that they went public with their existence.

A long dark period followed, owing to an explosion at an ammunition production factory as well as several dozen injured workers pressing charges.

Recently, the company has come out victorious in a lawsuit versus a company that produced a infringing firearm similar to the PAP-9.

The company has produced the following products:

The Pap-9 (Currently discontinued due to licensing to Clicker Defense.)

The CCC44

The RPSS12 (Discontinued due to lack of interest of target group, surplus being sold to private hands.)

The CC9

The MASR46

The .44 RAC round

The .46RR round

Attachments for the CCC44 (Currently discontinued.)

More to come.

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