A RPSS12. Serial numbers are found near the magwell, and as such, are not shown here.

The RPSS12 (Riot Police Semi-automatic Shotgun, 12-gauge) is the RAC's attempt at giving riot police a semi-automatic shotgun with intimidation power. The overall design of the gun harkens back to the days of semi-automatic battle-rifles, although the magazine loads 12-gauge shotgun shells/beanbag rounds/slugs instead of 7.62x51mm or the like. A psychologist was hired to help in the design, his conclusion: Wide-barreled rifle-looking shotgun with a massive holographic sight. Throw that in a blender and, according to the person they hired, you'll have a scary-looking gun.

Of note: The design team has been made aware of Vector Monsters's "VM Sadeye" and would like to stress that the two guns are very different. The last time one of them was asked about the comparisons, the janitor who asked got punched in the face.

Round fired: A variety of 12-gauge ammunition beanbag rounds or slugs

Rate of fire: As quickly as one can pull the trigger

Sights: Holographic sight, adjustable rifle-style backup ironsights

Out-of-box ammunition capacity: 10 plus one in the chamber

Intended use: Riot police

Safety: Slide-lock

Action: Closed-bolt semi-automatic

Weight unloaded: ~6.5 pounds

Weight loaded: ~7 pounds

MSRP: 600$