A Pap-9, serial number #0001. The owner must feel lucky.

The RAC Pap-9 (Rabbot Armament Company, Police Assault Pistol, 9mm Parabellum) is the RAC's answer to a growing need for sub-machine guns for police forces. Simply put, it's a submachine gun, designed to take .380 ACP (Also known as 9mm Short) designed for off-the-wall fully-automatic action with a folding stock for easy carry. While robust and fairly hard to break, it suffers from fixed sights and it's fairly high rate of fire quickly drains it's fairly small out-of-box magazine. The weapon is surprisingly accurate, able to hit targets at 200+ yards, if there's only one round in the chamber. Fully loaded, it's less accurate due to being fully automatic. Owing to it's heavy barrel to retain maximum accuracy, the gun suffers from high weight for a submachine gun.

The gun is currently out of production due to licensing the design to Clicker Defenses, which has in turn produced an updated (and all-around better) model. Information regarding which can be found here.


  • Caliber: .380 ACP
  • Rate of fire: ~120 RPM
  • Sights: Non-adjustable iron sights
  • Out-of-box ammunition capacity: 29, plus one in the chamber
  • Intended use: Police Forces
  • Safety: "Common sense". Removal of magazine and clearing of chamber is the only way to render the gun safe.
  • Action: Closed-bolt, fully-automatic
  • Weight unloaded: ~9 pounds
  • Weight loaded:~9.6 pounds
  • MSRP: 500$

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