The CCC44 (Civilian Customizable Carbine, .44 RAC) is designed to fill a niche market in the Civilian world: A highly customizable carbine. The weapon can be redesigned to fit a number of roles from 'Hunting-Rifle' to 'Range-based target-carbine'. The gun is specifically designed from the ground up to be customized, the position of the slide and hind-sights can be adjusted in the receiver the gun is sold in. Likewise, the instruction manual covers painting and/or staining the metal the gun is made out of and fitting parts on attachment points. The gun is compatible with the RAC's series of stocks and barrels as well as many second-market pieces that range from charging handles to stocks designed to hold knifes. There's even a barrel designed for taking bayonets!


A very practical mix done in a light desert camo.


A red paintjob with a magwell fore-grip. Interesting.


...What the fuck?


  • Caliber: .44 RAC
  • Rate of fire: As quickly as one can pull the trigger
  • Sights: Dependent on the user
  • Out-of-box ammunition capacity: 20 plus one in the chamber
  • Intended use: Civilian Carbine
  • Safety: A simple switch near the trigger
  • Action: Closed-bolt semi-automatic
  • Weight unloaded: 5 pounds with no attachments/barrel
  • Weight loaded: 5 pounds, 282 grams with out-of-box magazine and no attachments/barrel
  • MSRP: Before attachments, 300$

Information regarding .44 RAC Edit

.44 RAC is a round very, very similar in design and performance in regards to the .44-40 Winchester round, the primary difference being the crimping around the lead and the fact that the bullets are sold pointed. It is currently a proprietary cartridge.

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