RA-09 Anti Material PlatformEdit

The RA-09 is an Anti Material Platform that uses a revolutionary electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology developed by invented by J. Mike O'Dwyer of Metal Storm Limited. It fires the RDI 12.7x120mm cartridge and the RDI 30mmHE round.

Technical DescriptionEdit

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RA-09 Function-0
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Recoil Mitigation System

The RA-09 is able to fire the its rounds at a rate of 16,000 rounds per minute. The way that this is accomplished is by using superimposed electronically fired rounds. The concept is similar to the Roman candle, a firework design, that employs the same concept. In the Roman Candle a propellant is lit and continues to burn in the Roman candle's barrel, igniting the charge behind the subsequent projectile. The process is repeated by each charge in turn, ensuring that all projectiles in the barrel are discharged sequentially from the single ignition. Using this method where the cartridges are set off with electronically produced signals running through the barrel, the RA-09 is able to fire of successive rounds at a rapid pace. Each barrel which also doubles as a magazine can fire 4,000 rounds per minute. All four barrels of the standard RA-09 magazine can fire a combined 16,000 rounds per minute with a single trigger pull. To eliminate recoil the escaping gasses are taped into a gas tube at the center of the magazine and forced out to the rear creating negative force counteracting the the force of the cartridge exiting the barrel.

Use Edit

Because the platform is electronically operated the rate of fire can also be altered. when using the RDI 12.7x120mm round a three round burst can be used to deliver accurate long range suppressive fire. Using its full auto version of 16,000 rounds per minute the RA-09 can be used to bust a hole trough light armored vehicles and helicopters. Using the 30mmHE round the RA-09, firing at a rate of 8,000 rounds per minute with pinpoint accuracy, can be further used to defeat light to medium armor and deliver a deadly blast of explosive material to infantry units.


First the magazine is loaded into the rear of the platform. Engaging the target is accomplished by tracking point technology where target is designated and marked with a single trigger pull. By releasing the trigger the electronic safety is removed pulling and holding the trigger again primes the weapon for firing. Then the weapon will fire once operator realigns the crosiers of the optics system with the previously designated point, ensuring a 99% hit rate. The magazine is then removed and another is inserted.


Weight: 16.92 lbs

Length: 30 in unloaded, 54 in loaded

Caliber: RDI 12.7x120mm caseless, RDI 30mm HE

Muzzle velocity: 3,100 ft/s (12.7x120 RDI)

Effective firing range: 1750yds

Feed system: Detachable 4 barrel magazine (12.7x120 RDI) / Detachable 1 barrel (30mmHE RDI)

Sights: Tracking point Integrated optic


Metal Storm Wikipedia:

Actual Metal Storm VideoEdit


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