RA-07 Edit


The RA-07was designed to be admitted into the bid to replace the FAMAS as France's new standard military rifle. It was designed with modularity, mobility, and adaptability in mind. with ambidextrous controls, dual side ejection, adjustable ergonomics, and and adjustable rate of fire, the RDI engineers designed the gun to be easily modified on the field to suit any soldier. The RA-07 is currently competing against the PPF XM18 for the contract to replace the FAMAS

Technical Specifications Edit

  • Fires: 5.56x45mm NATO

Weight: 7.4 lb (empty)

  • 8.5 lb (30 round magazine)


  • 28in (18in barrel)


  • Gas operated, rotating bolt, short stroke

Rate of fire:

  • 500 - 700 rounds per minute

Effective firing range: 600m

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