RA-06 Edit

RA-06 modified




Designed by RDI in 1962, the RA-06 is a personal defense weapon/ SMG, to supplement the weaponry in service with the Australian Special Forces. Although originally chmbered in 9x19mm. The A2 varient is chambered for the 6.5×30 RDI cartridge for close quarters armour penetration and with a quick barrel and bolt change it can fire the FN 5.7x28 for conventional PDW configuration. it Currently competes with the PPF Thunder, the PPF BG20, the VAC Comanche, and the MS-52 PDW on the weapons market.

RDI 6.5×35mm Edit

The RDI 6.5×35 cartridge design was heavily influenced by the Swedish 6.5×25mm CBJ, and like the Swedish round, the RDI 6.5×35 fires a sabotted 6 mm tungsten sub-projectile. From a 35cm barrel, it has a muzzle velocity of 990 meters/sec, and has good armor penetration out to 350 meters. Because the RA-06 uses the smaller RDI 6.5×35 it bosts of a high impact velocity, a high hit probability due to the flat trajectory, high energy transfer to the target, and low levels of barrel wear and corrosion.

Specifications Edit

Cartridge: (A1) 9x19mm, (A2) 6.5×35 RDI & FN 5.7x28

Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute

Effective firing range: 200m

Maximum firing range: (A2) 400m

Feed system: 30 round RDI magazine

Sights: (A1) iron sights, (A2) Iron sights with Integrated Emitted light optic

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