RA-02 (modified)

RA-02 Modified

The RA-02 is a semiauto, direct-impingement rifle that was designed in 1949 by Ramos Arms. It's intended peurpose was as a civilian sporting rifle but as South East Asia errupted into conflict, it was soon marketed to military forces.


After fleeing to Australia and spending most of the family savings on rebuilding a weapons manufacturing plant the Ramos Arms company needed a commercial success to help get the company afloat. After the slow gains of the RA-01 on the civilian and military market the Ramos Arms company needed a design fast. So Marco Ramos, the head designer and founder of Ramos Armas decided to put all his best designs together to create a weapon that needed little development costs. The RA-02 takes its bolt design from the FCA modelo 1938, it's receiver was derived the FCA modelo 1905 carbine, and it shared the same cartridge as the FCA Modelo 1935. When the gun hit the market just a year later from the design phase in 1949 it was an immediate commercial success, quickly becoming a favorite rifle for farmers, ranchers, and law enforcement. In 1957 with the war in Vietnam intensifying the need for more military weapons became apparent. Ramos Armas redesigned the gun to fire the new 7.62x51 Nato cartridge so that it could be easily adopted by western alligned nations. during the war the RA-02 was part of a munitions package consisting of the (RA-02, RA-03, RA-04, and RA manufactured ammunition) sold to south Vietnamese forces to help bolster their firepower. On the global market the RA-02 competed against the FN FAL and the AG-56.

Details (RA-02 7.62x51 Nato) Edit

Weight: 6.4 lb

Length  38.0 in

Barrel length: 22.00 in

Cartridge: 7.62×51mm NATO

Action:  Gas-operated, Direct impingement, rotating, closed bolt

Rate of fire: Semi-automatic

Muzzle velocity: 2,800 ft/s

Feed system: 10, 20-round magazines

Sights: Iron sights

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