The R11 is one of the weapons in the R series of rifles/carbines and is made by Accurafire Manufacturing Company. It is the simplest rifle made by Accurafire yet. It has 5 Picatinny rails. 4 on the RAS, and 1 on top of the upper receiver. It comes with a Troy Fixed Rear Sight and a Heckler & Koch Universal Front Sight. It also comes with a VC-301 Compensator.

Features Edit

Features of the R11 include:

-Low recoil during fully automatic fire

-Many internal recoil compensation systems, as in all Accurafire weapons, plus a VC-301 Compensator.

R11 Rifle

R11 Rifle, Unmodified

-Magpul MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) Pistol Grip

-SOCOM Stock

-Troy Fixed Rear Sight

-Heckler & Koch Universal Front Sight

Specifications Edit

Weight: 7 pounds

Length: 36 Inches

Effective Range: 600m

Price (U.S): $650

Ammunition: 5.56x45mm NATO

Ammo Capacity: 30 Rounds via G36 Magazine.