Primary Weapons Edit

Weapons like rifles,assault rifles

AK Pattern Rifles Edit

They are reliable and common so its easy to find parts and ammunition.Can be find easily in Middle East or any Ex-Soviet State.Used by nearly all of the anti-government gangs.

AK-47 Edit

Uses 7.62x39mm cartridge that has enough stopping power for me. I would prefer an AK with a folding stock and polymer handguard maybe with a polymer aftermarket magazine also a GP-25 maybe it can increase the weight but it is useful.


Highly Recommended

AK-308 Edit

An AK that uses .308 Winchester. Good for people which are used to AK patterns. Can be used with a scope comfortably not accurate as a M24 SWS but still good if you dont have anything to use in long range.


Recommended: If you have any other DMR not.

Dragunov SVDS Edit

A rifle using the 7.62x54mm round that is not so expensive and has good power. It is a sniper rifle so is useful in medium-long range fights.Uses Kalashnikov system so reliable as a AK. If you have a Dragunov an AK-308 is just a waste of space.Can be used as a powerful CQB weapon when stock folded and barrel shortened.



Will continue....

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