This is just a page for ANYONE to edit. Just put in a few guns you're planning to make and a estimated date of release. And a GIST of the weapon (Like is it a pistol? What type of weapon is it? Etc.)

Earth-1 Edit

- HC-80 Blackadder DMR. It's far-fetched but idk. Estimated release: March-April 2016 (Cariscle Firearms Co.)

-MWWC stuff - Maybe I'll just make a lightsaber, idk

- VAC Iron Dragon: Estimated release: 2016. A 13.8x103mm HMG designed to serve alongside the M2 Browning.

- Blackburn Firearms "Blackburns Battle Rifle 1943": Two variants. American Contract and British Contract. American fires .30-06 and British fires .303 Enfield. Semi-Auto rifle.

- Blackburn Firearms M1935: A straight-pull bolt action rifle used in the Pacific and European theatres of war. 3 contracts. Russian, Burma, and Austrailian. Russian uses 7.62x54mmR, Burmese and Australian use .303 British.

- VAC Havoc: Estimated release: 2016. What I would've released in the Machine Gun Comp.

- VAC Hellcat Mk. 2: Estimated release: 2016. A more compact version of the Hellcat.

- VAC War Maiden Mk. 2: Estimated release: 2016. A newer War Maiden.

- VAC Undertaker: Estimated release: 2016. An advanced robot designed to piledrive Freedom into terrorists. And also slaughter them without friendly casualties.

-Accurafire Manufacturing Co. GVSN/MR (Guaranteed Victory SNiper/Marksman Rifle): around 2 or 3 months. A sniper rifle that can be converted into a DMR. Bullpup and compact but still has a very far effective range.

-Accurafire R9 Carbine Remake: yeah

-HeavyFire "Defender" DPV-Style vehicle: should be self explanatory. IDK when It'll be finished, probably later this year.

- GDI Weapons R&D TCW: Series of weapons that are powerful and mobile, ranging in this order: assault rifle, carbine, LMG, shotgun, sniper rifle. Estimated release: Unknown.

- Ares Fun Arsenal: A full arsenal of weapon for young and old, a unique experience with your family!

- Kaizen AR47B: Bullpup variation of AK47

- Kaizen Lancer Evolution: Improved version of Kaizen Lancer

- Redesign Kaizen Stormer and 2MP

- Kaizen Corp. assault rifle/LMG firing 5.56x45mm NATO, trin barreled like AO63. A 7.62x51 battle rifle/GPMG variation and a .50 BMG HMG variation might be made.

- Kaizen SR8: 8 shot revolver survival rifle firing the .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, and the .500 S&W Magnum

-DTMk. x, I plan to make a sniper shooting bigger calibers, shotgun and a bullpup (fuck me i will never get this done)


- HAMR-136: Anti-materiel rifle chambered in 13.6x141mm, supposedly a successor to the conceptual HATR-MS anti-tank rifle.

Earth-2 Edit

- AccuraFuture Armory Nuclear War Soldier Kit: A kit made for soldiers in the armies of the countries that are allies of the US - Coming Soon.

- VWG "Apex" A/ESF: Air/EVA Superiority Fighter. A highly mobile/heavily armed Air Superiority fighter. Outer-space capable.

-AccuraFuture Armory HAOSCAF (Heavily Armed Outer Space Capable Assault Fighter, sometimes pronounced as "Hey-Oh-Scaf"): Basically a personal gunship. Will add more details later.

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