This page was made for people to show off their pistols, machine pistols, revolvers, hand cannons, and similar weapons. These guns can be real or fictional.




The Razorback

Manufactured by the company Darkstar Weapons Systems, the Razorback is a very versatile handgun. Available in several calibers, this is a very reliable gun. It operates in double-action only mode.

          Razorback SporterEdit

Razorback Sporter

Razorback Sporter

A variant of the Razorback, the Razorback Sporter is very different.First of all, it has a stainless steel slide and magazine, extended barrel with compensator, and operates only in single-action mode

Mark XIX Desert EagleEdit


Stainless Steel Desert Eagle

The IWI Desert Eagle is a large-caliber semi-auto pistol. This behemoth comes in three calibers: .50 Action Express, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum. A 10" barrel extension is available


Gold Desert Eagle

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