Very, very useful tool

Just a page with different codes for different colors. Please if you have any codes for colors that are cool and aren't on this list it would be great to contribute. Credit to the other PMG wiki with only 10 pages.

Name Hex Code Visual
Alice Blue #F0F8FF
Antique White #FAEBD7
Aqua #00FFFF
Aquamarine #7FFFD4
Azure #F0FFFF
Beige #F5F5DC
Bisque #FFE4C4
Blue #0000FF
Blue Violet #8A2BE2
Burly Wood #0000FF
Cadet Blue #5F9EA0
Chartreuse #7FFF00
Cherry #A52A2A
Chocolate #D2691E
Coral #FF7F50
Cornflower Blue #6495ED
Cornsilk #FFF8DC
Crimson #DC143C
Cyan #00FFFF
Dark Blue #00008B
Dark Cyan #008B8B
Dark GoldenRod #B8860B
Dark Gray #A9A9A9
Dark Green #006400

Dark Khaki BDB76B

Dark Magenta 8B008B

Dark Olive Green 556B2F

Dark orange FF8C00

Dark Orchid 9932CC

Dark Red 8B0000

Dark Salmon E9967A

Dark Sea Green 8FBC8F

Dark Slate Blue 483D8B

Dark Slate Gray 2F4F4F

Dark Turquoise 00CED1

Dark Violet 9400D3

Deep Pink FF1493

Deep SkyBlue 00BFFF

Dim Gray 696969

Dodger Blue 1E90FF

Fire Brick B22222

Floral White FFFAF0

Forest Green 228B22

Fuchsia FF00FF

Gainsboro DCDCDC

Ghost White F8F8FF

Gold FFD700

Golden Rod DAA520

Gray 808080

Green 008000

GreenYellow ADFF2F

Honey Dew F0FFF0

Hot Pink FF69B4

Indian Red CD5C5C

Indigo 4B0082

Ivory FFFFF0

Khaki F0E68C

Lavender E6E6FA

Lavender Blush FFF0F5

Lawn Green 7CFC00

Lemon Chiffon FFFACD

Light Blue ADD8E

Light Coral F08080

Light Cyan E0FFFF

Light Golden Rod Yellow FAFAD2

Light Gray D3D3D3

Light Green 90EE90

Light Pink FFB6C1

Light Salmon FFA07A

Light Sea Green 20B2AA

Light Sky Blue 87CEFA

Light Slate Gray 778899

Light Steel Blue B0C4DE

Light Yellow FFFFE0

Lime 00FF00

Lime Green 32CD32

Linen FAF0E6

Magenta FF00FF

Maroon 800000

Medium Aquamarine 66CDAA

Medium Blue 0000CD

Medium Orchid BA55D3

Medium Purple 9370D0

Medium Sea Green 3CB371

Medium Slate Blue 7B68EE

Medium Spring Green 00FA9A

Medium Turquoise 48D1CC

Medium Violet Red C71585

Midnight Blue 191970

Mint Cream F5FFFA

Misty Rose FFE4E1

Moccasin FFE4B5

Navajo White FFDEAD

Navy 000080

Old Lace FDF5E6

Olive 808000

Olive Drab 6B8E23

Orange FFA500

Orange Red FF4500

Orchid DA70D6

Pale Golden Rod EEE8AA

Pale Green 98FB98

Pale Turquoise AFEEEE

Pale Violet Red D87093

Papaya Whip FFEFD5

Peach Puff FFDAB9

Peru CD853F



Powder Blue B0E0E6

Purple 800080

Red FF0000

Rosy Brown BC8F8F

Royal Blue 4169E1

Saddle Brown 8B4513

Salmon FA8072

Sandy Brown F4A460

Sea Green 2E8B57

Sea Shell FFF5EE

Sienna A0522D

Silver C0C0C0

Sky Blue 87CEEB

Slate Blue 6A5ACD

Slate Gray 708090


Spring Green 00FF7F

Steel Blue 4682B4

Tan D2B48C

Teal 008080

Thistle D8BFD8

Tomato FF6347

Turquoise 40E0D0

Violet EE82EE

Wheat F5DEB3


White Smoke F5F5F5

Yellow FFFF00

Yellow Green 9ACD32

Also, it'd be great if it was kept in the English Alphabetical order.

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