Your funeral, pal.

The TGR-40 is an abstract prototype grenade launcher developed by Phoenix Precision Firearms.


The TGR-40 (Tactical Grenade Rifle, 40mm) is PPF's first grenade launcher. The launcher consists of a heavily modified AR-15 receiver (it looks very fat), a strong recoil reduction system not too dissimilar from the BSR system and a long barrel. The semi-automatic device feeds from an 8-round drum, and has a delay of roughly half a second between shots. When using the 40x51 medium-range grenades, its effective range is 850 meters. Aiming the launcher can be done using a special scope of a simple leaf sight designed for the gun. Switching to the short-range 40x46 grenades requires a sight/scope change to correct the aim marks.


Name : TGR-40 

Weight : 4.2 kg (unloaded), 6.5 kg (loaded)

Length : 43" (109.2 cm)

Barrel Length : 20"

Feed System: 8-round drum

Caliber : 40mm Low to Mid velocity grenades

Muzzle Velocity : 76-120 m/s

Optimal Range : 30-600 meters

Effective Range : 850 meters

Rate of Fire : 120 RPM

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